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Leila • Aug 3, 2022 8:45 AM
The internal AMA took place on Discord with the participation of two champions Wolfman and Soiyasa_fibo on Friday, July 29, 2022. The two took time to share their thoughts about Titan Hunters. With respect to the huge reward pool, Soiyasa_fibo admitted he felt accomplished and fulfilled, especially since he got a Legendary Turret. Wolfman was very satisfied to receive his rewards. "I was more excited about the NFT, but getting the bonus $TITA for a prize was an awesome kicker", said the champio
Leila • Aug 2, 2022 8:39 AM
July is supposed to be the time for dazzling summer vacations, with everyone happily leaving behind the boredom of working and studying. But, do we also take a break from all the work? Not right now, as we developers at Titan Hunters are still dedicating ourselves to improving the game daily. And it is always time for another monthly review - July! $TITA listed on CoinStore On July 7th, Titan Hunters’ governance token, $TITA, was officially listed on one of the best CEXs - CoinStore! Interes
Meet The Champions
Leila • Jul 28, 2022 10:51 AM
The second season of Investor Rank has ended in glory and riches, but what else had it left for all of us? Our new heroes, of course! The brave, courageous Hunters who dared to rise up and fight against the evil Titans and even challenge the CEO Titan Slayer himself. Guess what? On July 29th, we will have our chance to meet up with our heroes, close and personal! We will have a small Q&A session, and to top it up, there will be a giveaway afterward. Detail & Summary Top players of the Inves
How will Titan Hunters persist in the bear market?
Leila • Jul 22, 2022 11:12 AM
At the moment, we can see stock dumping, rising inflation, and food prices increasing. We are observing one of the worst performances so far in many markets since the global recession in 2008. There are so many things in the world that have led to the current situation we are in. The tech sector, including video games, has been the most vulnerable industry because of the market downfall. Tech stocks like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and even Google are descending and losing almost 50% of their pe
Leila • Jul 20, 2022 10:45 AM
We are overjoyed to announce that Titan Hunter's profile has been VERIFIED by CoinMarketCap Community and LINKED to $TITA price page. The profile will be regularly updated with the latest news and important announcements. By expanding to a new platform, we expect to attract more users, mostly crypto-enthusiasts, to our community, thus driving the project stronger and further! Follow us here: https://bit.ly/3AVM9UB More than just a welcome, we’ve also decided to organize a GIVEAWAY for new foll
What's new in Titan Hunters version 1.1.1?
Leila • Jul 8, 2022 6:58 AM
The World is shaking in the presence of a new challenger… Who could that be? Our newest update will bring a breath of fresh air to what we have seen so far in Titan Hunters, with the brand new Arena Boss mode and an overhauled Investor Rank season. Investor Rank - Season 2 In the previous versions, we felt that the rewards for our investors were insufficient, and the withdrawal process was slow. In the 1.1.1 version, the rewards, $TITA in particular, have increased by a significant margin. T
Leila • Jul 6, 2022 1:01 PM
$TITA token is set to be listed on CoinStore in early July. What can users expect from it? Listing Information We Titan Hunters Team are thrilled to announce that the $TITA token will be listed on CoinStore on July 7, 2022. 🔐$TITA official contract address: 0x0c1253a30da9580472064a91946c5ce0c58acf7f 📎CoinStore Trade Link: TBA ❇️Pair: $TITA - $USDT What can we expect from it? CoinStore.com is a widely trusted CEX exchange where you can trade 50+ most prominent cryptocurrencies in the m
Leila • Jul 1, 2022 1:48 PM
June was a scorching hot month. But so does our passion for Titan Hunters! There are so many things to unpack, but we will go over what Titan Hunters achieved in the last month, including the multiple partnerships transforming us into a true GameFi incubator. In addition, June was also the month of festivity! Lots of events, lots of fun, and tons of rewards. Let’s start the monthly review! Acknowledgment - Featured in DappRadar On June 10th, DappRadar featured #TitanHunters as Rank #7 in th
Leila • Jul 1, 2022 5:06 AM
Howdy, our Hunters! An external threat is endangering our community! As shown as above, a suspicious website is trying to CLONE our website with the purpose of SCAM. The fake website managed to copy exactly everything from our website. This is to trick you into using their product instead of the legit Titan Hunters. They even ran ads on Google and reached Top 1, which may result in many Hunters clicking on the fake link and getting exploited by the scammers. We consider this clone website as a
Fully Customizable Characters: Take control of your Titan Hunter
Leila • Jun 29, 2022 11:33 AM
We all know that video game characters themselves are essential to the games they exist in. They attract players, mainly because they can allow people to role-play. Game designers are not only creating games; they are creating an EXPERIENCE. And video game characters are what will enable us to enjoy and live that experience. At Titan Hunters, we want to create an immersive experience for the users. We want the players to exert their unlimited creativity in every action they do and how they loo
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